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Bioanalytics at Abzena

Whether you want to answer a stand-alone question, or your conjugation, humanisation or cell line development programme requires complementary analytics, Abzena can provide you with solutions to suit your needs.

Our Bioanalytics group offers a range of standardised analytical packages that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Since biology programmes are rarely standard, we also have a bespoke analytical development service.

Our areas of expertise include:

bioassay1Candidate Selection

Abzena offers a broad range of analytical methods to support selection of the best candidates from early antibody discovery stages to clinical testing phases.
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Extensive repertoire of physicochemical and biophysical methods to identify the quality target product profile (QTPP) and defining the product quality attributes.
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bioassay4Protein and Peptide Identification

Abzena provides services for the identification of single proteins, single protein targets as well as whole cell lysate proteomic studies.
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bioassay4ADC Characterisation

Abzena has got a broad expertise in the characterisation of antibody drug conjugates, supporting the selection of the best candidates for progressing to clinical studies.
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bioassay5Analytical Method Development

Analytical development projects come in all shapes and sizes with no two projects being the same. Therefore, no matter what your requirements we can help you with your project.
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