Antibody Development

Antibody Developability Assessment: Early de-risking of your lead candidate.

Starting smart, finishing fast, with Abzena.

Abzena partners with you to deliver the right set of assays and analytics to assess the ‘developability’ of your drug candidates. We ensure the candidates you take forward have reduced liabilities and a de-risked development path.

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We have worked with hundreds of candidates and have the experience to help inform your approach and reduce project timescales by applying a parallel multiparametric evaluation approach covering specificity, functionality, safety and manufacturability.

Our full time equivalent (FTE) model provides you with a flexible way to apply the necessary expertise to your project with data guiding the best approach to select the superior drug candidate for progression to cell line development and manufacturing.

Antibody Development Capabilities

Our integrated end-to-end capabilities mean our design team can utilize information generated during developability assessment to remove any liabilities in real time and improve the developability profile of your drug, mitigating risk of major issues in the later development phases.

Interested in our unique approach to developability? Learn more about how we de-risk and streamline programs to ensure they start smart and finish faster.

Specificity, functionality, safety, and manufacturability


Our team ensures your molecule binds with high specificity to its intended target in the body and identifies any cross-reactivity aligned with the target product profile (TPP) required for optimal functionality.


Leveraging a proprietary bioinformatics platform and a suite of ex vivo functional assays, we determine the immunogenicity risk profile of your molecule.

With our experience in assessing thousands of molecules we determine the least immunogenic lead candidates for clinical evaluation.


We employ a range of assays to measure the broad array of functional properties associated with your drug candidates.

Our methods fully characterize the functionality of your molecule against different variants and competitor drugs, where relevant, to identify the best candidate to take forward.


To ensure your molecule is stable and scalable, we evaluate specific parameters that predict any manufacturing liabilities, which we can design out at an early stage of development or manage through downstream CMC and formulation work.

Vaccines Antigen Design

We have extensive expertise in vaccine design, specializing in antigen subunits and virus-like particles, bioconjugation of glycan and hapten molecules to carrier proteins and generation of production cell lines.

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The asset you’re developing right now can make a real difference for human health. Let us use our wealth of experience to deploy the best technologies, shorten lead times and implement effective risk mitigation strategies.