Scientific Partners

Collaborating for success with industry leaders.

Together, we are moving medicine forwards.

At Abzena, we are always looking to help our customers growth and accelerate toward a successful future together. A future that moves new medicines forward through our combined scientific innovation that delivers life-changing treatments.

The science of what we do is complex. We cannot do this alone.

That is why we have, and will, continue to create successful partnerships with technology providers, biotechs, academia, scientific, and peer organizations.

We proudly value these partnerships. Each of which are founded on inclusive scientific collaboration, trust, and transparency.

Our Partners

We work across a wide range of complex modalities including bioconjugates and ADCs, looking for solutions that will shape the future of next-generation medicines. We collaborate with expert partners in our industry. Together, we have developed industry-leading platforms that ensure smooth and efficient drug development processes that accelerate our customers timelines.

DRIVE-Biologics: Oncodesign Services

We provide our customers with a unique ecosystem of premium expert support through our DRIVE-Biologics collaboration with Oncodesign Services. DRIVE-Biologics leverages the skills and expertise to develop antibodies in oncology and inflammation through a privileged collaboration that combines Abzena’s discovery, development, and manufacturing support of biologics and ADCs with Oncodesign Services of optimization to lead selection of naked or pay-loaded preclinical candidates vs TPP.

For more information about this streamlined collaboration, click the link below.

ProteoNic Biosciences

In 2023 we announced a partnership with ProteoNic Biosciences BV to license their premium protein expression technology, 2G UNic®.

This state-of-the-art vector technology significantly improves the production of high-yielding CHO cell lines for Abzena’s customers.

Argonaut Manufacturing

In June 2024 we announced a strategic partnership with Argonaut Manufacturing Services, Inc., a cGMP contract manufacturing organization (CMO) serving the biopharmaceutical and diagnostics industries, to provide a fully integrated drug substance and drug product manufacturing solution for early-phase biotechnology companies. This strategic alliance offers a streamlined approach for customers looking to rapidly progress their therapies into the clinic or onward into later-stage commercial manufacturing.

Let's work together to move medicines forward, for patients, faster.

From discovery through clinical development, commercialization and beyond, we partner for success with biotechs, academia, scientific, and peer organizations. Our mutual partnerships provide the platform to accelerate customer’s milestones and the potential delivery of new medicines for patients that have unmet clinical needs, faster.

We are always looking for innovative partners with cutting-edge technologies that can help enhance our biologic services or allow us to add new solutions and technologies that will help change patients lives.