Antibody Design
& Protein Engineering

Delivering drug design, from concept to patient.

Protein engineering solutions that accelerate biologics development.

We can help optimize and de-risk your programs lead candidate. Abzena’s antibody design and protein engineering experts look to de-risk your program to give you the best chance of success by combining protein engineering expertise with state-of-the-art analytics. This allows us to design drug candidates with minimal liabilities and maximum functionality.

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For over 20 years Abzena has been providing protein engineering solutions to accelerate biopharmaceutical development and overcome a wide range of drug design challenges.

From antibody discovery through to cell line development we can engineer, express, purify and characterize your molecules. Utilizing experience from successfully delivering many hundreds of projects, our experts work relentlessly to meet your needs, enhance efficiency, and mitigate risk.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of antibody and protein engineering services including; hybridoma sequencing, microbial and mammalian production, antibody humanization and affinity maturation, protein deimmunization, biophysical characterization and custom engineering solutions to achieve specific properties aligned with your desired target product profile for specificity, safety, stability, and functionality.

Antibody Humanization & Protein Deimmunization

You can leverage our proprietary Composite Human Antibody™ and Composite Proteins™ platforms to reduce immunogenicity risk and confidently move antibodies and novel biologics forward into development.

We have an exceptional track record having designed hundreds of humanized antibodies many of which have successfully reached the clinic.

Our Composite Proteins™ deimmunization technology builds on the success of antibody humanization to design safer therapeutic proteins, devoid of human T cell epitopes, to minimize potential immunogenicity in patients without compromising activity.

Antibody formatting

Our scientists have broad expertise in antibody formatting and designing fragments of antibodies or fusion proteins which maximize the functional potential of your drugs.

We can configure antibodies to any class or isotype (IgG, IgM, IgA, IgD and IgE), including the introduction of specific mutations to modify secondary function through altered FcR binding properties.

We can deliver bispecific and multimer formatted antibodies using generic or novel platforms to meet the challenges of combining dual or multifunctional properties into biologic designs.

We employ a phage display platform to increase the binding affinity of your starting antibody, typically achieving increases of between 10 and 100-fold.

Antibody & Protein Production

We deliver stage-appropriate standard and bespoke antibody production packages tailored to your development needs, focusing primarily on an array of custom mammalian expression systems including CHO and HEK to rapidly generate material for small-scale evaluation and in vivo preclinical studies.

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All our proteins and antibodies undergo rigorous quality control which includes the assessment of purity and integrity. Extended analytics are provided to fully evaluate the standard and novel characteristics of your biologic.

For specific projects, small-scale, research-grade bacterial expression is also available.

Let’s move medicine forward

The asset you’re developing right now can make a real difference for human health. Let us use our wealth of experience to deploy the best technologies, shorten lead times and implement effective risk mitigation strategies.