Linker Payloads

Adding value to your bioconjugation program.

Maximize your bioconjugate candidate.

Linker payload architecture is fundamental to the successful design of your drug candidate. Developing a safe and effective ADC drug requires the assembly of the desirable linker with the payload and the monoclonal antibody (mAb). Our extensive knowledge regarding mAbs, linkers, and payloads ensures a robust lead drug candidate.

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A well designed linker helps the antibody to selectively deliver and release the drug to the tumor site. Our tailored solutions identify and de-risk your clinical candidates for development ensuring stage-specific milestones are met. By applying our expertise in highly potent small molecule process development, we utilize a Design of Experiment (DOE) based approach. Our capabilities include:

  • 100ml to 100L jacketed glass reactors allowing for efficient scale-up and ability to develop accurate scale-down models
  • Non-chromatographic purification methods such as precipitation and crystallization
  • Teledyne-Isco Torrent medium pressure chromatography systems capable of both normal and reversed phase purification up to 3.8kg columns
  • Novasep Hipersep high pressure chromatography skids capable of batch purification of more than 1kg of material in a single processing day

Linker Payload Services

To accelerate lead drug candidate selection, we apply our knowledge in linker payload design and synthesis, high potency materials, and analytical method development to develop your complex ADCs.

Linker Payload Design & Synthesis

Supporting your candidate ranking and lead selection process, we determine the optimal design of linker payload architecture and profiling in a series of in silico, in vitro and ex vivo activity and safety assessments.

We use a matrix evaluation and developability approach to streamline and de-risk the development, scale, and manufacture of your linker payloads.

Analytical Method Development

Ensuring the quality of your product and processes, we have extensive capabilities to identify, develop and deliver a comprehensive set of characterization, screening, release, and stability-indicating assays.

Streamlining your project and assuring scalability, our experienced R&D and analytical teams collaborate closely to ensure that the process developed for the manufacturing of your products meets your desired quality attributes.

Highly Potent Materials

Utilizing a combination of technology, infrastructure, and expertise, we provide you with seamless, flexible highly potent API development and manufacturing tailored to your specific needs.

Our purpose-built facilities have primary engineering controls for safety and are managed by expert teams to phase-appropriately develop, scale, and manufacture your highly potent API with reduced timelines, complexity, and risk.

Tailored processes, reliably delivered

Linker-payload processes are developed and transferred directly to our cGMP manufacturing team minimizing challenges seen during process transfers.

We develop the most effective processes for manufacturing at toxicology, clinical, and commercial scale using quality by design (QbD) principles.

Let’s move medicine forward

The asset you’re developing right now can make a real difference for human health. Let us apply our wealth of experience to accelerate and maximize its potential.

Our expert knowledge of cGMP manufacturing enables us to successfully transfer existing processes into our facilities or develop a new innovative process, when needed, to meet your program needs.

Processes follow ICH Product Lifecycle guidelines which ensure a robust and well characterized scalable manufacturing process.

Utilizing analytics, we ensure the right product quality attributes for your program.