Moving medicine forward.

We enable you to bring life-changing medicines to patients in need faster. Let’s work together to de-risk & streamline the development and manufacture of your biologic or antibody-drug conjugate (ADC).

The leading bioconjugate & complex biologics CDMO + CRO

Abzena is a biopharmaceutical CDMO+CRO that provides fully integrated and tailored drug development and manufacturing services that span from early discovery through commercial product launch.

Our experienced scientists collaborate with you, functioning seamlessly as part of your team—using real-world insights and data that rapidly gets you to your next target inflection point. We proactively present ideas so that your medicines can reach patients faster and achieve greater success.

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Let’s work together to move medicine forward.

We offer best-in-class CDMO + CRO services along with a highly detailed and personalized experience.

That means our customer’s bioconjugate, ADC or biologic programs can go from promise to product, faster.

We are advocates and partners for our customers’ success.

Your bioconjugate and biologics-focused CDMO + CRO partner with:

  • Fully integrated early R&D through commercial capabilities
  • High-quality & trusted data that drives development
  • Streamlined regulatory support tailored to your program

What are your drug development goals?

Let us understand your challenges and goals. We can help you accelerate your timelines.

What development stage are you at?

We can help guide and solve your drug development challenges, at all stages of your program.

What developability risks can we assist with?

Starting smart, finishing fast, with Abzena. 'Developability' balances the scales of an ideal drug candidate vs the challenges faced.

Moving medicine forward.

The asset you are developing right now can make a real difference for patients in need. Let us use our wealth of experience to deploy the best technologies, shorten lead times, and implement effective risk mitigation strategies.

Let’s move you from promise to product.


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Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

“Abzena has been crucial in advancing and validating our technology and programs. The team is very thoughtful, has strong troubleshooting skills and maintains a high standard in generating quality data with integrity. We highly recommend working with Abzena.”

Shiva Bhowmik, PhD, COO, TRIO Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Join us and experience an environment committed to your development and career. Come Learn. Come Grow with us.


We are always growing and continually innovating. Abzena support you from early-stage development through commercialization and beyond across our integrated locations.


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