ThioBridge®: Antibody Drug Conjugation (ADC) Platform Technology

Enhance your ADC development with our ThioBridge® conjugation platform technology.

Linker technologies are a critical component in the development of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). Many linkers, particularly those used in first-generation ADC bioconjugation have limitations that can impact the safety and efficacy of the ADC. ThioBridge® has been developed by Abzena to overcome the limitations associated with traditional linker technologies.

Overcoming ADC challenges with ThioBridge®

Developed by our scientific experts, Abzena’s ThioBridge® Antibody Drug Conjugation (ADC) platform is a solution that leverages 20+ years of our experience and data to address some of the challenges and learn from early successes that we have seen in ADCs development. Fundamentally, ThioBridge® conjugation overcomes many of the issues seen in existing technologies to give our customers ADCs improved stability, potency, and efficacy.

Abzena’s ThioBridge® Antibody Drug Conjugation (ADC) Platform Whitepaper Download

Whitepaper: Linking Antibody to Drug with ThioBridge®

While ADCs are a powerful and targeted approach to therapeutics, first-generation conjugation technologies have limitations such as inconsistent drug-to-antibody ratios (DAR) and the risk of early payload detachment. Abzena’s ThioBridge® conjugation technology offers a solution by providing a more uniform DAR profile, stable linker attachment, and improved pharmacokinetic properties.


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Moving ADCs forward with ThioBridge®

If you are looking to rapidly move your ADC program to its next regulatory or clinical milestone, contact us today and learn more about our ThioBridge® technology and how we can support you and your ADC development program.