Composite Human Antibody™: Advanced Antibody Humanization

Design safer, more effective, humanized antibodies.

The immunogenicity of therapeutic antibodies has long been a major issue in the clinic and the development of anti-therapeutic antibody responses in patients limits the efficacy of these therapeutics. This challenge has been reduced through the development of humanization and fully-human antibody engineering technologies. Despite these improvements, clinical studies have shown that many humanized and fully-human antibodies are still immunogenic in patients.

Abzena developed our ground-breaking Composite Human Antibody™ technology to create fully-humanized antibodies. These retain the binding affinity and specificity of the starting monoclonal antibody. They are also devoid of CD4+ T cell epitopes, thereby avoiding undesirable immunogenicity in patients.

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Composite Human Antibody™ technology combines previous humanization and deimmunization technologies to generate fully-humanized therapeutic antibodies devoid of CD4+ T cell epitopes.

Advanced antibody humanization & deimmunization

Abzena’s Composite Human Antibody™ technology platform has been used to deimmunize over 60 antibodies with over 10 going into clinical trials and beyond.

The success of the technology is rooted in over 20 years of scientific expertise, the careful selection of human sequence segments, and the application of in silico tools. CD4+ T cell epitopes can be avoided thereby significantly reducing the risk of immunogenicity. Composite Human Antibodies™ are screened against the test antigen to ensure that the affinity and specificity of the antibody are maintained.

Benefits of Composite Human Antibodies™

  • Rational sequence design avoids CD4+ T cell epitopes, reducing immunogenicity compared to humanized and fully human antibodies.
  • Sequence changes combined with structural integrity assessment ensure excellent retention of affinity and specificity compared to the starting monoclonal antibody.
  • Confirmation of T cell epitope avoidance by Abzena’s EpiScreen™ 2.0 technology.
  • Composite Human Antibody™ technology has produced over 100 antibodies with more than 12 antibodies reaching clinical development.
  • The Composite Human Antibody™ technology demonstrates superior capabilities to industry standard humanization and fully human antibody technologies.