Episcreen® 2.0 Cytokine Screen™

The Episcreen® 2.0 Cytokine Screen™ assay evaluates the potential of therapeutic proteins to activate innate and adaptive immune responses resulting in rapid and excessive cytokine release, which can produce significant toxicity.

Elevated cytokine levels are measurable in the serum of patients within minutes to hours after infusion. In vitro and in vivo animal studies have failed to be predictive of such severe reactions, as evident in the TGN1412 clinical trial (Suntharalingam et al, 2006).

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Cytokine Screen™

Abzena have developed an enhanced in vitro assay, Cytokine Screen™, to evaluate the risk of biopharmaceutical products causing cytokine release syndrome prior to clinical trials.

Available as whole blood to assess innate responses or PBMC format to study adaptive responses with standard or bespoke cytokine panels.

Abzena’s immunogenicity assay services are tailored to each project. This ensures that your goals are met or exceeded. Our experienced project teams are assigned to each study focusing on progressing projects through to results.