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From the next generation of emerging biotechs, to academia, and large pharmaceutical companies, we have worked with many innovative organizations and professionals across the pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years.

Abzena help accelerate our customers’ ideas into the medicines of the future.

Here is what a small selection of them say about working with our team of expert scientists across our locations and an array of biologics modalities including bioconjugates and antibody drug conjugates (ADCs).

Insight, direct from our customers

TRIO Pharmaceuticals, Inc

“Abzena has been crucial in advancing and validating our technology and programs. The team is very thoughtful and has strong troubleshooting skills and maintains a high standard in generating quality data with integrity. We highly recommend working with Abzena.”

Shiva Bhowmik, PhD, COO of TRIO Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Recent Customer

“I had the pleasure of working with Abzena’s Cambridge, UK team on a variety of in vitro pharmacology projects, ranging from cell-based assays to Biacore kinetic analysis. I found the team to be professional, reliable, and excellent partners. Given the virtual nature of the company I work for, we rely on strong partnerships in order to produce quality data to allow us to make strategic program decisions. The Abzena team was instrumental in providing timely, high-quality data that impacted our decision-making. I would highly recommend this team for all your preclinical pharmacology needs.”

Oncoinvent AS

“We worked with the Abzena team for the design and the initial production of both the mAb and the antibody-chelator conjugate to support our R&D programs. We had a productive and valuable interaction with a highly skilled scientific team and we benefited from the flexibility of the services at this early stage of development. ʺ

Tina Bjørnlund Bønsdorff, CSO of Oncoinvent AS

Recent Customer

“We required a partner who not only shared our commitment to innovation but also possessed the deep technical expertise necessary to guide us through the complexities of ADC development. Abzena has been that partner for us. From the initial stages of linker payload design to the final steps of regulatory submission, their team has demonstrated exceptional proficiency and dedication. Working with Abzena, we have been impressed by their ability to integrate sophisticated design with rigorous analytical validation, all while maintaining a clear focus on regulatory compliance. Their proactive communication and adaptability have been particularly invaluable, ensuring that our projects not only meet but exceed the rigorous standards required in our field.”

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