Antibody Discovery

We ensure you take the best antibody candidates forward.

Accelerating antibody discovery.

Over the past decade a number of antibody discovery technologies and platforms have emerged driven by a new era of antibody therapeutics including antibody drug conjugates (ADCs). It has become more challenging to pick the right partner. Abzena’s antibody discovery experts specialize in building the foundations of your program. We start smart, setting you off on the right path to success.

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At Abzena We tailor our antibody discovery service to your needs to deliver expert assessments of target molecules, immunization strategies and antibody screening cascades.

We apply innovative approaches and equipment to generate robust data that ensures optimal antibody discovery and supports the selection of the best antibody candidates for your drug development program.

Our Hybridoma MAX™ custom mouse monoclonal antibody discovery service maximizes the number of antibodies discovered through a dual, high-throughput screening platform that creates more candidates for development.

Antibody Discovery Methods

Our antibody discovery methods ensure high affinity antibodies and where required cross-reactivity with the target, and include:

  • Flow cytometry to determine binding conditions
  • SPR analysis (Biacore) to determine affinity
  • In vitro assays to demonstrate functional activity
  • Epitope binning to characterize and select optimally designed mAbs

Hybridoma Sequencing

Our experts have generated 100s of hybridoma cell lines for our partners with our 100%-accurate sequencing platform, giving you the confidence that you are taking the correct sequence forward.

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Having a 100% accurate sequence is crucial. Especially true if your antibody sequence is to be used for downstream activities such as recombinant antibody production or antibody humanization. Unlike some methods that can introduce mutations at the start, by using primers specifically designed to bind in the leader sequence, Abzena can determine the authentic start to an antibody variable domain. This simple difference can be critical to determining the sequence of a fully functional antibody.

Let’s move medicine forward

The asset you’re developing right now can make a real difference for human health. Let us use our wealth of experience to deploy the best technologies, shorten lead times and implement effective risk mitigation strategies.