Bioconjugate & ADC Development

Developability: Early de-risking of Bioconjugate & ADC discovery and development.

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There is no one solution to the development of antibody drug conjugates (ADCs). Every candidate brings its own set of challenges to the bioconjugate and ADC development process. Abzena can guide you in the development of a matrix of candidates that can be tested to find the ideal bioconjugate or ADC for your patients.

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We partner with you to apply the right set of bioassays and analytics to assess the ‘developability’ of your lead candidates. Our comprehensive approach to bioconjugate and ADC development ensures that the candidates you take forward have reduced liabilities and a de-risked development path.

We have worked with hundreds of candidates and have the experience to help inform your approach and reduce project timescales by having a developability approach covering specificity, functionality, safety, and manufacturability.

Our full-time equivalent (FTE) model provides you the flexibility to apply the necessary expertise to your project with data guiding the best approach to select the superior drug candidate for progression to cell line development and ADC manufacturing.

Our integrated end-to-end capabilities mean our design team can utilize information generated during this developability assessment to remove or reduce any liabilities in real-time and improve the developability profile of your drug, mitigating risks of major issues in the later development phases.


To select your best candidate for clinical development our team ensures that your ADC aligns with your required functional and safety profile by testing in standard, off-the-shelf, or custom-developed bioassays.

We also utilize an extensive range of assays to evaluate:

  • Internalization
  • Trafficking
  • Potency
  • Bystander effects
  • Safety characterization

If your novel ADC and bioconjugate requires customized assays, our team has the know-how and expertise to develop them.


Full characterization of your ADC is assessed by standard and orthogonal assays to ensure that your molecule meets the critical parameters to support development, stability, and manufacture.

Additional assays to support the stability and safety assessment will guide the stage-specific selection of ADC candidates through to the final lead selection.

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