LabZient™: Rapid Analytical Data

Increase your biopharmaceuticals chances of clinical success with LabZient™.

Delivering rapid, accurate data is critical to meeting your drug development milestones faster and with less risk downstream. From drug discovery to preclinical and clinical studies, understanding drug exposure, safety, and metabolism are essential in accelerating drugs through to clinic and commercial. Abzena developed LabZient™ to increase your biopharmaceuticals chances of clinical success.

LabZient™ Info Sheet

Discover how Abzena’s LabZient™ Analytical Platform revolutionizes the assessment of large molecules, such as antibodies and related drugs, enhancing operational efficiencies and improving a molecule’s chances at progressing through the development pathway.

Download our info sheet for a a technical overview on the array of benefits for this innovative analytical development system, including:

  • Comprehensive methodologies
  • ICH compliance
  • Customization strategies

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Transforming biotech data analysis

Analytical methods stand at the heart of successful drug development, playing a crucial role in ensuring the safety, efficacy, and quality of pharmaceutical products. In the ever-evolving landscape of drug development, analytical strategies provide the backbone for understanding and characterizing complex biologics and bioconjugates. Analytical methods and data are leveraged at each step of the development process, and are used to inform regulatory decisions, and confirm the delivery of safe and effective treatments to patients.

Abzena's Analytical Expertise

Abzena, with its decades of expertise in developing complex biologics and bioconjugates, recognizes the intricacies involved in analytical development. Our experience in handling diverse and challenging molecules has led us to the create LabZient™ as an analytical solution for our customers. LabZient™ was created out of a need to address the specific challenges faced in biopharmaceutical development. Understanding these challenges, Abzena leveraged its extensive analytical expertise to develop a platform situated at the forefront of regulatory expectation, that not only simplifies but also accelerates the analytical process while concomitantly reducing risk

LabZient™: Innovation in Analytical Approaches

LabZient™ is a testament to innovation in analytical development. Unlike traditional analytical approaches that can be time-consuming and resource intensive, LabZient™ offers a faster, more streamlined process. It integrates a standardized approach to the evaluation of large molecules that leverages rigorously evaluated methods with the certainty associated with incorporation of certified standards. By employing advanced predictive in-silico evaluations, LabZient™ greatly reduces the uncertainty associated with analytical methods and ensures high-quality data acquisition at an accelerated pace. This innovative approach not only expedites the path to Investigational New Drug (IND) applications but also enhances the overall efficiency and accuracy of the analytical process.

The LabZient™ Advantage

LabZient™ is not just a tool. It is a strategic partner in your development ventures. By integrating our platform into your workflow, you gain:

  • Efficiency in Operation: Streamlining the process from molecule assessment to validation, LabZient™ saves valuable time and resources.
  • De-Risked Development: Through its predictive analytics and standardized methods, LabZient™ minimizes the risks associated with large molecule development.
  • Future-Proof Technology: LabZient™ is designed to evolve with the industry, continuously adapting to handle complex molecules like antibody-drug conjugates.
  • Benefits of LabZient™

    • Accelerated Analytical Process: Reduces the time from molecule assessment to IND readiness.
    • Standardized and Automated Assessments: Ensures consistency and repeatability in analysis.
    • Advanced Predictive Analytics: Facilitates informed and quicker decision-making.
    • FDA-Validated Methods: Offers compliance and reliability in analytical procedures.
    • Enhanced Efficiency: Minimizes resource utilization and operational costs.
    • Risk Reduction: Lowers the likelihood of errors and inaccuracies in analysis.
    • Adaptable to Complex Molecules: Future-ready technology capable of handling evolving biotech needs.

    Move your drug development program forward, at less risk, with LabZient®

    “LabZient provides customers with critical data sooner, allowing them to make more informed decisions earlier in their development timeline that can ensure greater downstream clinical and commercial success.”

    Louise Duffy: Chief Technical Officer (CTO)