EpiScreen® 2.0: Immunogenicity Assessments Platform Technology

To avoid issues later in the drug development process, you need to start smart.

Accurate assessment of immunogenicity can make or break the success of protein therapeutics. Traditional assays often lack the sensitivity, and specificity required. Next-generation EpiScreen® 2.0 is Abzena’s innovative answer to these challenges, utilizing flow cytometry technology for precise, multi-dimensional immunogenicity assessments.

Optimizing your immunogenicity assessments

To avoid issues later in the drug development process, it is important to start smart with more data-rich assays.
We have recently introduced our next-generation EpiScreen® 2.0 technology to elevate the immunogenicity evaluation of protein therapeutics. EpiScreen® 2.0 is high sensitivity and a multi-dimensional, data-rich platform that streamlines the candidate selection helping de-risk the drug development process.

Whitepaper: Immunogenicity testing evolved with EpiScreen® 2.0

Our enhanced bioassay platform EpiScreen® 2.0, is a comprehensive suite of assays that predict and evaluate potential risks of preclinical immunogenicity in protein, antibody, and gene therapy therapeutics. Our next-generation platform provides a better immunogenic assessment. An assessment that is highly sensitive, multi-parametric, and data-rich, which ultimately improves candidate selection and de-risks early-phase development for our customers.

Whitepaper: Immunogenicity testing evolved with EpiScreen®


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Move your drug development program forward, at less risk, with EpiScreen® 2.0

EpiScreen® 2.0 delivers all the required sensitivity, plus detailed data on specificity and mechanism of action, without the need for radioactive markers.