Kimball Hall promoted to President and appointed to the Abzena board

18th December 2020

Abzena, a Global Partner Research Organization for integrated bench to bedside solutions for biologics, complex chemistry and bioconjugates, has appointed Kimball Hall, Chief Operating Officer at Abzena as President in addition to her COO role. As part of the promotion, Kimball has also been added to the Company Board.

The promotion recognizes Ms. Hall’s pivotal role in Abzena’s strong growth in integrated early research and late phase GMP.

Jonathan Goldman, MD CEO of Abzena said “Kimball’s promotion to President is well deserved and comes at a time of rapid growth for our company.

“Her experience has reinforced our leading position as a flexible partner of choice on the development of complex molecules from early research to commercial manufacturing. “We are also delighted to announce that Kimball will be joining our board. Her long history and deep knowledge in biopharmaceutical development will add wisdom and strategic insight to company strategy, helping us to drive continued expansion in both research and GMP manufacturing capacity in 2021.”

Ms. Hall commented “I am thrilled to be awarded the title of President and to join the board. I am dedicated to making Abzena the best-in-class provider of fully integrated drug discovery and development services of biologics and bioconjugates. I am excited to expand our scientific, research and manufacturing capabilities. We look forward to further supporting our partners and the patients they serve.”