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Custom Assay Development

Because biology is complex, we know that standard assays are not always applicable to your program. At Abzena we make every effort to understand your project requirements and to assess whether our capabilities can be applied to suit your specific needs. We have access to a range of expertise in-house, from chemistry to immunology, as well as key instruments to perform biological assays. Furthermore, state of the art facilities are at our disposal on the Cambridge campus for more complex assays.

Platforms available at Abzena:

  • Attune™ NxT acoustic cytometer with Autosampler, Invitrogen
  • Biacore™ T200
  • SpectraMax® M3 and i3x plate readers (absorbance, luminescence, fluorescence, HTRF), Molecular Devices
  • MiniMax™ 4x cell imager, Molecular Devices
  • Eclipse Ti-E inverted microscope, Nikon
  • Bio-Plex® 3D Suspension Array System, BioRad


Biacore™ T200

SpectraMax® i3x multi-mode microplate reader with SpectraMax® MiniMax™ 300 imaging cytometer

Attune™ NxT acoustic cytometer

Bio-Plex® 3D Suspension Array System

Nikon Eclipse Ti-E inverted microscope

Working with Abzena

Abzena’s undertakes bioassays on behalf of clients as standalone projects or as part of larger development projects. We focus on developing the correct bioassay to help you understand your molecule and will help guide you in the correct.

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