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ADC Characterisation

Candidate selection

Abzena has got a broad expertise in the characterisation of antibody drug conjugates, supporting the selection of the best candidates for progressing to clinical studies. Early ADC candidates can be produced from different antibodies, different types of linkers and payloads to screen for the most potent solution for your target. A range of in-house methods are available to support candidate selection as well as manufacturability assessment, through identifying stability in formulation, in vitro serum assays, in vivo analytics as well as testing binding and potency under different conditions.

Structural characterisation and purity:

  • Determination of drug loading (DAR)
  • Analysis of conjugation site
  • Analysis of ADC homogeneity
  • Chromatographic and spectroscopic purity
  • Quantification of residual unconjugated drug
  • Aggregation profile

Pre-formulation, in vitro and in vivo stability

  • Ex vivo serum stability assays
  • ADC drug release assays
  • ADC early formulation screening
  • Analytics to determine in vivo pharmacokinetic (PK)
Serum spiked ADC affinity captured and analysed by intact MS using a high resolution TOF-MS instrument, for changes in DAR profile and integrity.


Working with Abzena

Abzena’s undertakes bioanalytical studies on behalf of clients as standalone projects or as part of larger development projects. We focus on developing the correct bioassay to help you understand your molecule and will help guide you in the correct choice of study.

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