EpiScreen® 2.0: Immunogenicity Testing Evolved

25th April 2024

Optimize Your Immunogenicity Assessment with Next-Generation EpiScreen® 2.0 Technology

To avoid issues later in the drug development process, you need to start smart. That means you need more data-rich assays at the start of your project.

Abzena’s EpiScreen® 2.0 technology is designed to elevate the immunogenicity testing of protein therapeutics, offering high sensitivity and a multi-parametric, data-rich platform that streamlines candidate selection.

Why choose EpiScreen® 2.0?

Accurate assessment of immunogenicity can make or break the success of protein therapeutics. The EpiScreen® 2.0 Time Course Assay is Abzena’s innovative answer to provide sensitivity and specificity, utilizing flow cytometry for precise, multi-parametric immunogenicity assessments.

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Abzena’s Immunogenicity Expertise

Our bioassay team has decades of experience in developing immunogenic bioassays for protein, antibody, and gene therapy therapeutics. Supporting customers in both the UK and the US, the team at their Cambridge, UK site has helped hundreds of customers to successfully progress their programs with the EpiScreen® platform to IND and onward to commercial manufacturing.  Last year, Abzena partnered with the FDA on a peer reviewed scientific journal publication demonstrating the benefits of the MAPPs assay for immunogenicity

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