Our manifesto

Moving medicine forward.

Driven by our values and passion for what we do, we are a CDMO + CRO ready to take on the most complex challenges in biologics, bioconjugates, and ADC drug development. Let us de-risk and streamline the development and manufacture of your novel treatments so that you can accelerate from discovery through to commercialization. Let’s turn ideas into action and get your next-generation medicines to patients, faster. Together, we are moving medicine forward.

Our manifesto reflects our focus, who we are and what we do.

Since 2001, Abzena has evolved from its early days as PolyTherics and Antitope respectively into a leading bioconjugates and biologics CDMO. We have always been focused on our values rotted in scientific innovation, offering our customers a personalized experience. With that in mind, in 2024 we decided to better highlight the difference that we can make together with our clients to improve patients lives. Leveraging our innate passion for science, and creating revolutionary new medicines is why ‘moving medicine forward truly matters to us.