Discovery to Lead Development

We de-risk late development by providing the optimal early foundation, one that enables faster decision making.

Traverse the complexity of early-stage development.

At Abzena we work with the future in mind. Why? Because we understand the challenges you will face at every milestone. We help you make informed decisions early that will simplify your programs pathway to market. Let’s start smart and finish fast.

Leveraging our 'Developability' solution

We understand that drug development is a balancing act. When we are discovering and designing a drug it means finding and balancing everything we would want in a perfect lead candidate with all that we face in reality.

So how do Abzena allow you to start smart and finish fast though their ‘Developability’ solution. Click the link below to find out more or contact us.

Biologics discovery & development requires client-driven & flexible specialties companies

We provide our customers with a unique ecosystem of premium expert support through our DRIVE-Biologics collaboration with Oncodesign ServicesDRIVE-Biologics leverages the skills and expertise to develop antibodies in oncology and inflammation through a privileged collaboration that combines Abzena’s discovery, development, and manufacturing support of biologics and ADCs with Oncodesign Services of optimization to lead selection of naked or pay-loaded preclinical candidates vs TPP.

For more information about this streamlined collaboration, click here.

Discovery to Lead Development Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of discovery and development services that can rapidly progress your program and reduce time to market whilst ensuring you select the best possible lead candidate.