Scientific Poster: Development of an ADC Process with Single Use Membrane Technology

19th April 2024

Access our recent poster from WADC entitled: Development of an ADC Process with Single Use Membrane Technology


Membrane chromatography is routinely used to remove host cell proteins, viral particles, and aggregates during antibody downstream processing. The application of membrane chromatography to the field of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) has been applied in a limited capacity and in only
specialized scenarios.

Here, we utilized the characteristics of the membrane adsorbers, Sartobind® S and Phenyl, for aggregate and payload clearance while polishing the ADC in a single chromatographic run. The Sartobind® S membrane was used in the removal of excess payload while the Sartobind® Phenyl was used to polish the ADC by clearance of unwanted DAR species and aggregates. The Sartobind® S membrane reproducibly achieved log-fold clearance of free payload with a ten membrane volume wash. Application of the Sartobind® Phenyl decreased aggregates and higher DAR species while increasing DAR homogeneity. The Sartobind® S and Phenyl membranes were placed in tandem to simplify the process in a single chromatographic run. With the optimized binding, washing and elution conditions, the tandem membrane approach was performed in a shorter timescale with minimum solvent consumption with high yield. The application of the tandem membrane chromatography system presents a novel and efficient purification scheme that can be realized during ADC manufacturing