Process Development of ADCs and Bioconjugates

19th December 2023

Presentation Overview:

This webinar focuses on critical design and process development steps to ensure the optimization and scale-up of ADCs and bioconjugates. By starting smart, we can finish fast and maximize chances of success. It covers the following areas:

Designing Next Generation Bioconjugates

  • Selecting Target and Targeting Moiety
  • From Linker-Payload to Conjugate

Process Development and Manufacturing Considerations for Next-Gen Conjugates

  • Incorporating Next-Generation Conjugation Technologies into ADC Manufacturing – Engineered Cysteines ADCs​
  • Manufacturing Strategies for Novel Payloads Conjugates – Radioimmunoconjugates and Oligonucleotides Conjugates

Learning Objectives:

  • Considerations for designing next-generation bioconjugates.
  • Process development and manufacturing considerations for next-generation conjugates.

About Our Speakers

  • Principal scientist at Abzena focusing on Early to Late Phase bioconjugation development and manufacturing of ADCs.
  • R&D lead for novel-format bioconjugation strategies and development.
  • Led projects for integrated programs supporting batch execution, tech transfer and providing manufacturing support for ADCs.
  • Background in chemical biology, bioconjugation and biorthogonal chemistry
  • Doctoral work in the field of biorthogonal chemistry, working with novel intramolecular lewis acid catalyzed click reactions.
  • Developed novel strategies to combine enzymatic and click reactions in single vessel immunoprecipitation of proteins.
  • Ph. D.  in Chemistry from State University of New York at Binghamton.

Biconjugation expert with 3 years of experience in ADC process development and manufacturing.
Manager at Abzena focusing on Process Development and Manufacture of Bioconjugate Therapies.

  • Supporting manufacturing and process development for ADCs and novel-format bioconjugate modalities.
  • Development and Manufacture lead for over 8 ADC, Protein-Oligonucleotide conjugates, and Radio-immunoconjugates currently in clinical trials.

Background in viral vector mediated gene-therapy process development and manufacturing.

  • Platform development for upstream and downstream processes for AAV and Lenti viral vectors at Wuxi Advanced Therapies
  • Bachelors in Pharmacology and Toxicology from University of the Sciences

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