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Germline Humanisation (CDR Grafting)

Abzena offers Germline Humanisation (CDR-grafting) service, which is an improved version of the original CDR-grafting humanisation approach co-developed by Abzena. CDRs of your starting antibody are grafted onto a more precisely matched human antibody germline acceptor framework. Specific mouse residues may be retained during the humanisation process that can be critical to maintaining function. One critical difference between CDR grafting and Composite Human Antibody™ technology is that antibodies generated through this method are not deimmunised in the same way that Composite Human antibodies™ are.

Germline Humanisation program comes with a suite of in silico manufacturability assessment tools. As with Composite Human Antibodies™, standard binding assays such as using ELISA and/or Biacore are also built into every Germline Humanisation program to check that the functionality of the humanised antibody has been retained.

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