Bioconjugates & Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs)

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To accelerate lead drug candidate selection, we utilize our expertise in identifying and mapping the appropriate design space for the development of your complex Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs). Through the application of our developability assessments, we identify and de-risk your clinical candidates for development and ensure stage-specific milestones are met.

To optimize the design of your molecule, our expert team applies their experience to design the best ADC matrix strategy for you. Your program will benefit from our extensive knowledge of ADCs and bioconjugation. We have experience in the design and development of fully characterized ADCs with a wide range of conventional and novel linkers, cytotoxins, and other payloads. In addition, we provide a range of both proprietary and non-proprietary PEGylation technologies.

Our experts develop robust conjugation processes maximizing conversion to the target species and purification strategies allowing isolation with high recoveries and purity. Critical process parameters are identified at an early stage to ensure development of a conjugation process, accelerate your lead candidate, and ensure scale up of manufacturing.

Our unique ThioBridge® platform is truly next-generation conjugation technology. It overcomes some of the shortcomings of first-generation conjugation technologies, by using site-specific conjugation to antibody interchain disulfide.  It offers a more uniform DAR profile and stable attachment compared to maleimide conjugation and allows for PK profiles to be optimized with architectural design flexibility when it comes to the payload and spacer.

ThioBridge Advantages:

Site-specific attachment at the interchain disulfides

  • Ag+ binding
  • Homogeneous DAR
  • Stable linker

Modulate Binding to Fc receptors

  • Lower FcyR binding
  • Intact FcRn binding


  • All payload classes, and architectural design for DAR optimization

For more information on how our ThioBridge® conjugation technology can enhance the development of your ADC, click here.


Experienced in the development of robust and reliable conjugation methodologies, our pre-clinical discovery teams work with you to optimize your Bioconjugates and Antibody Drug Conjugates.


Abzena partners with you to apply the right set of assays and analytics to assess the developability of your drug candidates, ensuring the candidates you take forward have reduced liabilities and a de-risked development path.

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