Specialized ADC, bioconjugate and linker payload services.

Moving medicines created with ADCs, bioconjugates and linker payloads forward is where we’re at our best. And it’s made Abzena a leader in delivering on their promise.

Building on the unmatched expertise of our scientists, the IP we’ve generated, and our advanced facilities in the UK and US, you have everything you need to implement fully integrated drug development and manufacturing programs.

We continue to pursue advances in technology, processes and knowledge to keep ourselves and our customers at the forefront of innovation. Our agility and dedication mean we can streamline your program and mitigate project risk while producing groundbreaking treatments.

Our unique ThioBridge™ conjugation technology has been proven to enhance ADC development by overcoming issues with existing technologies in order to improve stability, potency, and efficacy.  If you are looking to rapidly move your ADC program to its next regulatory or clinical milestone, access our latest information on ThioBridge today to learn how.

Linker Payload

Supporting your candidate ranking and lead selection process, we determine the optimal design of linker payload architecture and profiling in a series of in silico, in vitro and ex vivo activity and safety assessments. We use a matrix evaluation and a developability approach to streamline the development, scale, and manufacture of your linker payloads.

Accelerating and de-risking the development and manufacture of your next-generation therapies, Abzena’s integrated approach supports the lifecycle of ADC discovery and development including the design and synthesis of payload-linker constructs for ADCs and bioconjugates.

Bioconjugate Design & Developability

To support lead drug candidate selection, we utilize our expertise in identifying and mapping the appropriate design space for the development of your complex ADCs.

Through the application of our developability assessments, we identify and de-risk your clinical candidates for development and ensure stage-specific milestones are met.

Complex Chemistry & Polymers

To meet your program goals, we develop novel and improve existing synthetic routes for complex chemicals, cytotoxins, payloads, linkers, HPAPI, biopolymers, and nanoparticles. We design, evaluate, and execute state-of-the-art synthetic strategies to deliver quality molecules with chiral integrity.

We offer product development and formulation programs to accelerate your timelines by leveraging our comprehensive in-house capabilities, technologies, and knowledge to deliver processes tailored to your molecule of interest.

We ensure the purity and integrity of your products by offering an extensive range of capabilities in the Analytical Method Development (AMD) and QC departments.

Pre-clinical & IND enabling

We design and deliver tailored solutions for small molecule intermediates including high potency chemistry, payloads, linkers, payload-linker chemical intermediates, bioconjugation and Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs). We support partners with the design, synthesis and manufacture of payloads and payload-linker constructs for ADC and bioconjugation.

Leveraging our experience in the synthesis of payloads, linkers, and payload-linker chemical intermediate constructs we enable rapid generation of structure activity relationships (SAR) of various linker combinations with your new payloads. We identify the most suitable linker for your ADC profile.

Clinical to Commercial Manufacturing

Supporting the robust scaling of your project from clinical through to commercial scale, we are dedicated to quality excellence, delivering small molecule intermediates including high potency chemistry, payloads, linkers, payload-linker chemical intermediates, bioconjugation and Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs).

Simplifying your project and de-risking technology transfer, we deliver specialized, integrated services across the lifecycle of your products.