Bioconjugate Highly Potent Materials

Engineering controls to ensure your success.

Many drugs in development today are classed as highly potent. That is why you need a partner that has over 20 years of experience and the expertise to overcome the challenges that arise with handling highly potent materials.

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Supporting the scale-up of your high potency APIs (HPAPIs), we offer unique, specialist, large-scale high potency capabilities from a dedicated manufacturing facility in Bristol, PA.

Our payload resources include a toolbox of highly potent cytotoxic payloads (HPAPIs) with different mechanisms of action for use in the development of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) In addition, Abzena can design and synthesize custom combinations of potent cytotoxic payloads and linkers or provide guidance and advise on selection of payloads.


Our capabilities include:

  • Up to 5 g of compounds with OELs of 1-10 ng/m3 in our research labs
  • >1 kg of compounds with OELs of 1-10 ng/m3 in our high potency process labs​
  • >1 kg of compounds with OELs of 1-10 ng/m3 in our small molecule cGMP suite

We have engineering controls​ to support your program which include:

  • Dedicated laboratories with a focus on cytotoxic containment​
  • Independent air-handling (HVAC) system; HEPA-filtered ventilation​
  • Enclosed and HEPA-ventilated weighing stations​
  • Isolator glove boxes in all cytotoxic containment laboratories​
  • Use of PPE (Powered Air Purifying Respirators) with single-use full-body suits​
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Let’s move medicine forward.

The treatments you’re developing right now can make a real difference for human health. Let us use our expertise in designing and synthesizing highly potent cytotoxic payloads, biological payloads, and linker-payload reagents to create tailored solutions for your next project.