AbZelect™ & AbZelectPRO™: Enhanced Cell Line Development

Move your cell line development efficiency forwards with our AbZelect™ platforms.

Our AbZelect™ and AbZelectPRO™ platforms support cell line development (CLD) to rapidly progress your therapeutic protein and recombinant vaccine projects while de-risking the journey to Investigational New Drug (IND) application.

AbZelect™ Info Sheet

Download our Fact Sheet now to discover how AbZelect™ and AbZelectPRO™ platforms streamline CLD, enhancing efficiency and cutting your timelines to IND application. Tailored for small/mid biotechs with antibody-based therapeutics.

AbZelect™ at Abzena

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Enhancing productivity

Designed for traditional protein programs, such as antibodies, Abzena’s proprietary, license-free AbZelect™, is optimized across the three key areas of vector, host cell line, and process. It provides improved cell doubling times, viable cell densities, and robust and stable cell lines.

Leveraging vector technology

Our AbZelectPRO™ platform combines AbZelect™ with 2G UNic® premium vector technology to boost expression levels and generate higher-producing, stable cell lines expressing proteins including bispecifics, fusions and other novel modalities.

Accelerating CLD timelines

By streamlining the CLD process, our AbZelect™ platforms can progress your project from sequencing to research cell banks in 15 weeks, helping to deliver your project to clinic faster.

De-risking the path to IND

Our AbZelect™ platforms promote the in-depth characterization of multiple candidates at early stages through the generation of multiple fast stable pools, enabling rapid identification and mitigation of risk.


Move your cell line development program forward, at less risk, with AbZelect™ and AbZelectPRO™

“The higher productivity that’s achievable with the AbZelect™ and AbZelectPRO™ platforms means we can produce more drug substances per manufacturing run. These efficiencies will not only expand our capacity and help to reduce the cost of goods for our customers but also reduce the time it takes to get new and critical therapies to patients in need.”

Matthew Stober
CEO, Abzena



Explore our experts’ responses to your AbZelect™ FAQs

How can AbZelectPRO™ support next-generation therapies?

Our AbZelectPRO™ platform supports the efficient and stable production of difficult-to-express therapies like fusion proteins, bispecifics and other novel modalities by combining ProteoNic’s 2G UNic® premium vector technology with AbZelect™. Offering a unique double promoter to drive gene expression and enhance messenger RNA stability, the AbZelectPRO™ platform can achieve higher viable cell density (VCD) and productivity in comparison with the AbZelect™ platform.

What’s the difference between the AbZelect™ and AbZelectPro™ platforms?

The AbZelect™ platform allows for efficient generation of early-stage material enhancing productivity at both pool and clonal stages whereas the unique double promoter-driven gene expression of AbZelectPro™ builds on the AbZelect™ capabilities to provide higher viable cell density and productivity. The AbZelectPro™ platform achieves this by combining the capabilities of AbZelect™ with 2G UNic® premium vector technology to generate higher-producing, stable cell lines for difficult-to-express proteins, including bispecifics, fusions and other novel modalities.

What does the tech transfer process look like?

Efficient tech transfer is a common area of focus when relying on a contract development and manufacturing organization () for support, being critical for the smooth transition of projects from CLD into manufacturing. Operating across our sites in Cambridge, UK, and San Diego, US, our teams work closely together to ensure the seamless progression of your project. Our extensive experience and collaborative culture allow us to proactively identify and prevent risks that could delay your therapy reaching patients.

How do the AbZelect™ platforms leverage cutting-edge technologies?

By integrating fully automated, next-generation technologies such as the Cyto-Mine® high-throughput microfluidics screening platform into AbZelect™ and AbZelectPRO™, we can rapidly select high-performing clones while ensuring monoclonality. The Cyto-Mine® platform provides productivity data on a per-cell basis, allowing us to rank individual clones and select single cells with the highest productivity for further expansion and characterization.

How do the AbZelect™ platforms offer flexibility?

The AbZelect™ platforms are designed to provide the flexibility needed to support your unique antibody-based therapy, whether that’s a monoclonal antibody (mAb), bispecific antibody, fusion protein or novel modality. Leveraging our analytical development and regulatory expertise, we can adapt our testing methods or develop new assays to safeguard the quality of your therapy from CLD to manufacturing.