Outsourcing Pharma Roundtable: What are the global pharma giants’ goals at DCAT 2024?

19th March 2024

In Outsourcing Pharma’s latest roundtable discussion, our CSO, Dr Campbell Bunce, shares insights into Abzena’s plans and goals at DCAT Week in NYC this March.  DCAT Week is one of the largest pharmaceutical industry conferences that’s focused on future trends, investor insights, and community awareness.

Campbell shares: “We would like to come away from DCAT Week with a better, more informed sense of what the pain points are for the biotech and pharma community. This will allow us to review, refine and adjust what the sector needs from a solution providing CDMO + CRO like Abzena. The last four years have presented many global events that have driven uncertainty in supply chains, capacity, costs and investment in the sector. We hope that the event will provide some direction so we can tailor our offering to give our customers the best value for their money.

Read the full article here: What are pharma titans hoping to achieve at this year’s DCAT? (outsourcing-pharma.com)

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