CPHI Podcast Series: Designing Drug Conjugates

12th June 2023

In this episode of the CPHI Podcast Series, join Abzena’s Louise Duffy and Campbell Bunce as they engage in a thought-provoking discussion with Digital Editor Lucy Chard on designing drug conjugates‘. This podcast episode is a must.

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Drawing on their combined experience and expertise, they provide a comprehensive overview of drug development and manufacturing processes. They discuss some of the aspects involved in bringing a new drug to patients worldwide, and some of the essential areas that drug developers should focus on. Louise and Campbell explain the complex landscape of regulatory considerations within drug development, before providing an insight on key areas of innovation and knowledge expansion within the field.

  • Clinical need – targeting unserved disease areas or treatments that could be improved with new therapeutics.
  • Molecular target and mode of action considerations – challenges surrounding targeting particular disease pathways and any subsequent safety implications of modifying pathways.
  • Considerations for drug design – selecting the appropriate type of drug (bioconjugates, antibodies), and scalability.
  • Regulatory satisfaction and approval – challenges that surround novel drug development and how to achieve regulatory approval.
  • Component innovation – exploring new chemical entities or modifying existing ones to enhance drug efficacy, reduce side effects and improve pharmacokinetic properties.
  • Collaborative processes – the benefits of having expertise from different areas to achieve optimal drug design.

Discover more about this topic with Louise and Campbell, as they unveil the intricate journey of designing and manufacturing drugs. They help unravel the intricacies that shape the pharmaceutical landscape, and offer valuable insights for professionals, or anyone working in the field.

This podcast episode is a must. Click to listen.