Abzena Bristol, USA

Welcome to Abzena Bristol

At Abzena Bristol, we specialize in bioconjugation, quality linker payloads, highly potent materials and complex chemistry.

Our Bristol, PA facility provides preclinical through commercial manufacturing support for bioconjugate drug programs.

Key Capabilities

➔ Strong background in highly potent (HPAPI) synthetic organic chemistry.

➔ Expertise in high-quality bioconjugation manufacturing.

➔ Extensive expertise in linker and payload design and synthesis.

➔ cGMP Manufacture of Linker Payload and ADCs.


Focus Areas

➔ Payload/Linker-Payload/Complex Small Molecules Synthesis

➔ Bioconjugate Process Development and cGMP Manufacture

➔ Quality


➔ Process Development & GMP Manufacture of Payload, Linker-Payload, and Complex Chemistry


➔Bioconjugation Development – Non-GMP



360 George Patterson Blvd.

+1 215-788-3603