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Highly Potent

Engineering controls to ensure your success

Our capabilities include:

  • Up to 5 g of compounds with OELs of 1-10 ng/m3 in our research labs
  • >1 kg of compounds with OELs of 1-10 ng/m3 in our high potency process labs​
  • >1 kg of compounds with OELs of 1-10 ng/m3 in our small molecule cGMP suite

We have engineering controls​ to support your program which include:

  • Dedicated laboratories with a focus on cytotoxic containment​
  • Independent air-handling (HVAC) system; HEPA-filtered ventilation​
  • Enclosed and HEPA-ventilated weighing stations​
  • Isolator glove boxes in all cytotoxic containment laboratories​
  • Use of PPE (Powered Air Purifying Respirators) with single-use full-body suits​

Supporting the scale-up of your highly potent materials, we offer unique, specialist, large-scale high potency capabilities from a dedicated facility.

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