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Linker Payload
Design and Synthesis

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Accelerating and de-risking the development and manufacture of your next-generation therapies, our integrated approach supports the lifecycle of ADC discovery and development including the design and synthesis of payload-linker constructs for ADCs and conjugates.

Offering a comprehensive approach, we use a matrix evaluation and developability approach to streamline the development, scale, and manufacture of your challenging payloads, linkers and payload-linker chemical intermediates for ADCs and other conjugates for your discovery and preclinical programs.

Supporting your candidate ranking and lead selection process, we determine the optimal design of linker payload architecture and profiling in a series of in silico, in vitro and ex vivo activity and safety assessments.

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Expertise in design includes:

  • Synthesis and Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) development of payloads and linker-payloads
  • Linker chelator constructs for development of theranostics
  • Non-classical, novel linker payloads (including immune stimulators and oligonucleotides)

Expertise in optimization of:

  • Linker payloads to improve potency, selectivity, and pharmacokinetic profiles
  • Conjugatable functionalities for various types of conjugation (including cysteine, lysine and enzymatic) to improve ADC homogeneity, payload release rates and overall conjugate profile

Abzena has decades of experience in the custom synthesis of complex novel linker-payload variants and chemical moieties.

With a focus on simplifying synthetic routes we have designed and synthesized thousands of payloads.

We create efficiencies by identifying the most suitable linkers for superior ADC profiles.

Our integrated approach includes a bioconjugation team that can quickly conjugate novel payloads and payload-linker constructs and evaluate the resulting ADCs.

Extensive Experience

Extensive experience with the design, synthesis and SAR development of payloads for ADCs including:

  • Camptothecins (i.e., exatecan, SN-38)
  • PBD dimers (pyrrolobenzodiazepine dimers)
  • Duocarmycins
  • Calicheamicins


  • Auristatins (i.e., MMAE, MMAF)
  • Maytansinoids (i.e., DM1, DM4)
  • Triostins
  • Custom-made payloads