World ADC Europe ’22

Thank you for connecting with us at WADC London 2022. Whether you visited our booth, or attended Mark Frigerio’s talk, How to Successfully Design & Develop Your Antibody-Drug Conjugates, we hope you enjoyed this opportunity to explore Abzena’s approach to the discovery, development and manufacturing of ADCs. 

Abzena understands the importance of the discovery phase and the impact it can have on the success of an ADC project. Our rich history in the field means we have the capabilities, knowledge and expertise to select the right antibody, the right linker and the right payload combination. 

Our tailored ADC services include: 

  • Proven design and developability assessment to select lead ADC candidates for clinical testing
  • Candidate identification using ADC cascade screening for on and off target binding on patient tissue, molecular engineering of the Fc to moderate Fc receptor interactions and generation of high-expressing cell lines
  • Linked-payload optimisation
  • Stability, solubility, conjugation and in-vitro assessments
  • Cytotoxicity assays and ex-vivo stability profiling
  • PK profiling via mAb, toxin and DAR determination and tissue metabolomics
  • Development of pre-qualification of analytical methods for purity
  • Process development
  • GMP manufacturing of high potent payload, linker and antibody, as well as ADC including formulation development
  • Flexible FTE model to support companies with changing project requirements. 

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