Scientific Poster: Outlier Analysis for Relative Potency Assays

22nd March 2024

At the recent 2024 US Bioassay Conference, which took place in Long Beach, CA on March 11-13, our Associate Director of Analytical Methods Development, Alena Nikolskaya, gave a poster presentation entitled: “Outlier Analysis for Relative Potency Assays Using SoftMax Pro Function for Rosner Extreme Studentized Deviate Test.”


Our specific outlier identification approach for dose-response curves in relative potency assays utilizes SoftMax Pro data acquisition and analysis software templates to perform all calculations without any data transfer to another statistical program.

Outliers are determined based on the residuals from the independent curve fit using SoftMax Pro function for Rosner extreme studentized deviate test: “ESD Mark Outliers (data, outliers, significance)”.

Distributions of the residuals are tested for normality with and without identified outliers using SoftMax Pro function for Shapiro-Wilk Royston probability test: “ShapiroWilkRoystonProbability(data)”. The rationality of outlier exclusion is based on the comparisons of the results of normality tests using distribution of the residuals of the standard curve without outliers typical for relative potency assay.

The approach aligns with the best practices recommended in the field of bioassay potency testing, where outlier screening is crucial to avoid biased relative potency estimates and false acceptance/rejection of samples.

The use of software tools for outlier identification and normality testing is in line with the guidance provided by USP<1032> and is essential for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of relative potency analysis.

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