LabZient™: Streamlining Analytical Development

01st July 2024

Innovative Analytical Development Platform for Complex Biologics & Bioconjugates

LabZient™ by Abzena presents a breakthrough in analytical development for complex biologics, offering a cost-effective, efficient, and scientifically sound path to clinical trial readiness. By minimizing development time and streamlining the qualification and verification processes, LabZient™ sets a new standard in the field of biopharmaceutical analysis.

Why choose LabZient™?

LabZient™ enables a rapid path to Investigational New Drug (IND) applications by reducing the extensive testing traditionally necessary to demonstrate an analytical method’s suitability.

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Abzena’s Analytical Method Development Expertise

We have over 20 years of experience in analytics & bioassays including analytical method development. Abzena understand that leveraging rapid bioanalytical data is critical to meeting milestones faster in drug development, that’s why we conceived LabZient™, to help our customers accelerate their drug development timelines.

Analytics & Bioassays