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Peptide synthesis at Abzena

For unparalleled peptide quality and difficult to synthesise peptides

Abzena focuses on synthesising high purity (>98%) and difficult to produce, cyclic and conjugated peptides using our extensive bioconjugation, PEGylation and protein engineering experience. Our peptide and bioconjugation experts are always on hand to help guide and deliver your peptide project and peptides can be synthesised with an extensive range of modifications and state of the art analytical support.

Abzena’s utilises microwave peptide synthesis technology along with rapid liquid handling to offer several advantages, including:

  • Higher purity peptides than conventional synthesis
  • Synthesis of peptides impossible to synthesise under conventional conditions
  • Inclusion of up to 7 unusual amino acids or reagents per peptide

antibody1Peptide Synthesis

Abzena provides peptide synthesis for production of up to 80mers from nano-gram to gram scale with, at a minimum, mass spectrometry and HPLC data.

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antibody1Peptide Modifications

Abzena pulls on all its experience and expertise in bioconjugation, PEGylation and protein engineering to enable peptides to be synthesised with an extensive range of modifications. Read more >>>

antibody4Peptide Analysis and Characterisation

Abzena’s LC/MS and MALDI-ToF mass spectrometers and 500-MHz and 300-Mhz NMR spectrometers give the capability to offer clients valuable and reliable analytical services.  Read more >>>


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