Master Cell Banking

Expanded and customizable cell-line suites.

We welcome our research partners with an untraditional offering that helps Abzena stand apart from most cell-line-developers.

Abzena offers Master Cell Banking (MCB) services to our clients by way of expanded and customizable cell-line suites derived from your MCB.

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What does cell-line optimization mean for our clients?

Abzena places scientific collaboration and quality excellence above all else when it comes to how we approach our clients with customized service suites. Part of that commitment to excellence translates into taking an otherwise basic service in our industry and expanding the offering to fit the needs of research partners.

Specialized Cell-Line Service Suites

Abzena Cambridge in the UK, specializes in the optimization of raw cell-lines. Our optimization services results in the development of what will now be your Master Cell Line Bank, from which all other cell lines can be articulated.

Developed with Integrity

Abzena understands the need for industry compliant approaches must be the mainstay for any cell-line driven workmanship. As such, our seasoned laboratory professionals work with regulation-tight standard operating procedures, and strategic cell-line development protocols to bring your newly constructed cell-line and optimize them for the downstream processes needed for robust cell-driven applications.

User-Friendly Accessibility and Innovative Storage Solutions

The master cell and the working cells are stored in cryogenic chambers at the ABZ location and are available for future use. Out user-friendly portal, ‘Discover Abzena’ then allows to browse by MCB type within their proprietary master bank domain.

Reach out to one of our Abzena experts for information on Cell-Line Optimization.