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Chemistry Services

Abzena’s team of experienced organic chemists can produce a variety of complex molecules at mg to kg scale, including intermediates, drug metabolites, process impurities, degradants, reference compounds, preclinical drug candidates, and other organic molecules for a diverse array of industries.

Custom SynthesisLibrary creationHPAPI & Payload synthesisFTE Services

Custom Synthesis

We tailor each project to our customers’ needs, using existing synthesis pathways or developing new, more robust routes to ensure fast and effective completion of each project.

As well as development level synthesis, Abzena has the capability to scale up multi-step procedures for the manufacture of batches from 100g, to both GLP (for toxicity studies) and GMP standard (for clinical trials).


Abzena’s CLS programmes can rapidly produce multiple compounds through the use of chemical scaffold discoveries and developments, parallel synthesis methodologies, MPLC/HPLC purification systems and chiral separation processes. Abzena’s broad-ranging technologies and expertise have expedited our clients’ SAR studies and contributed to customers’ drug R&D accomplishments.

HPAPI and Payload Synthesis

Our payload resources include a toolbox of highly potent cytotoxic payloads (HPAPIs) with different mechanisms of action for use in the development of ADCs.

Our new manufacturing facility in Bristol is capable of handling HPAPIs up to an OEL of 10ng/m3 (Abzena Band 5).

FTE Services

Abzena’s Chemistry facility in Bristol, PA, USA, offers Full-Time-Equivalent (FTE) services to help our clients tackle challenging synthetic and medicinal targets.  Our highly experienced chemists have been trained in world’s top academic research labs; most have PhD level degrees and extensive R&D experiences in the pharmaceutical industry.

The FTE research programs, benefit from the team’s experience and excellent problem-solving skills as well as state-of-the-art, sophisticated instrumentation for synthesis, purification and analysis.


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