Antibody Humanisation | Humanised Antibody Production

Antibody Humanisation

Abzena has many years of experience in humanising antibodies, with numerous antibodies designed using Abzena technology currently in clinical trials. Abzena offers multiple solutions to antibody humanisation suitable for every development path.

antibody1Composite Antibody Humanisation

Abzena’s proprietary antibody humanisation technology is used to generate humanised and fully functional antibodies devoid of T cell epitopes in the variable region sequences to reduce immunogenicity in patients.  Read more >>>

antibody1Germline Humanisation CDR Grafting

Abzena offers a germline CDR graft humanisation service in which the CDRs of your starting antibody are grafted onto an appropriate human antibody germline acceptor framework.  Read more >>>

antibody1Humanisation by Design

Our Design Only service for either Composite Human Antibody™ or Germline humanisation gives you the flexibility to carry out investigations in your own timescale.  Read more >>>

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