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Antibody and Protein Engineering

Abzena has a long and successful history of providing protein engineering solutions to accelerate biopharmaceutical development and overcome a wide range of challenges. Abzena’s portfolio of antibody and protein engineering services offers a range of standard and custom packages, which include hybridoma sequencing, microbial and mammalian production, antibody humanisation and affinity maturation, protein deimmunisation, biophysical characterisation and custom engineering solutions to achieve specific properties such as bispecificity.

In particular, our proprietary Composite Human Antibody™ platform and Composite Protein™ platforms have a proven track record of supporting our partners take their lead molecule from bench to clinic.

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antibody1Ig Class and Isotype Switching

Abzena can take any parental antibody and perform class or isotype switching. This process usually involves taking the variable domains from antibody classes other than IgG (i.e. IgM, IgA, IgD or IgE) and linking to the desired IgG isotype. Read more >>>

antibody1Antibody Reformatting

Abzena can reformat the variable region of an immunoglobulin into a variety of different fragments such as Fab, F(ab)’2, scFv, VHH, and minibodies, or can be combined with a second specificity to make bispecific antibodies. Read more >>>

antibody3Antibody Humanisation

Abzena are specialists in humanising antibodies. Our Composite Human Antibodies™ platform combines the best attributes of deimmunisation and humanisation techniques to minimise the immunogenic potential. Read more >>>

antibody4Protein Deimmunisation

Abzena’s Composite Proteins™ protein deimmunisation technology can be used to generate safer therapeutic proteins devoid of human T cell epitopes to minimise potential immunogenicity in patients without compromising protein activity. Read more >>>

antibody1Affinity Maturation

Affinity maturation using phage display is offered to improve the binding affinity or other desired property of an antibody or other protein for its target antigen by random or directed mutation without impacting specificity. Read more >>>

antibody6Antibody and Protein Production

Abzena has the ability to express your hybridoma or recombinant antibody at a range of different scales to suit your needs, whether it be transient expression or from stable cell lines. We offer a range of cell lines including HEK293, CHO, SP2/0 and NS0. Read more >>>

antibody7Bioassays and Bioanalytics

Abzena’s bioanalytics and bioassay services are designed to be there at any point in the drug development pathway to help you understand your molecule and its mechanism of action.  Read more >>>

antibody8Custom Projects

Antibody engineering projects come in all shapes and sizes with no two projects being the same. So, no matter what your engineering requirements, from generating chimeric antibodies to introducing cysteine residues in defined positions for conjugation purposes, we can help you with your project.  Read more >>>

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