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Understanding Your Product’s Immunogenicity and Immunological Impact

The immune system has wide ranging and complex interactions that can affect the function and efficacy of biopharmaceutical products. Abzena has developed a range of assays and technologies to help you harness, evade and understand the immune response to biopharmaceutical products.

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antibody1Immunogenicity Assessment

Therapeutic antibodies and proteins can induce an immune response in patients potentially leading to reduced efficacy through rapid clearance or neutralisation of the drug or toxicity due to cross-reaction with proteins in the body. Abzena have developed accurate and sensitive ex vivo and rapid in silico technologies to assess the potential for therapeutic antibodies and proteins to produce an immunogenic response in patients.  Read more >>>

antibody1Cytokine Screen™

Therapeutic proteins and antibodies have the potential to activate innate and adaptive immune responses resulting in rapid and excessive cytokine release, which can produce significant toxicity. Abzena have developed an enhanced in vitro assay, Cytokine Screen™, to evaluate the risk of biopharmaceutical products causing cytokine release syndrome prior to it being tested in clinical trials.  Read more >>>

antibody4Custom Assays

Abzena can undertake a wide range of bespoke and custom assays backed by expertise gained from over 10 years of immunology and immunogenicity research.  Read more >>>




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