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Antibody Discovery

Our aim is to deliver panels of antibodies with high affinity and desired biological activity utilising murine immunisation

Abzena’s antibody discovery capability is based on the latest and most efficient hybridoma generation technologies coupled with high throughput robotic colony picking and liquid handling for highly efficient hybridoma screening. Our goal is to effectively sample the immune repertoire of immunised mice or rats in order to generate high affinity antibodies with the desired binding properties, thus maximising the probability of identifying antibodies with therapeutic utility.

Depending upon the target, a variety of antigen formats can be used (either individually or in combination) including: peptides, soluble protein, transfected cells expressing membrane proteins, tumour cell lines expressing tumour antigens or DNA. Antigens can be sourced from commercial suppliers or, where unavailable, Abzena’s Protein Engineering team can express and purify antigens from E. coli, transiently transfected mammalian cell lines or by creating stable cell lines.

Antigens can be used to immunise mice according to more traditional schedules or by using RIMMs (Repetitive Immunisation at Multiple Sites). Antigen secreting cells are then isolated from the immunised animals and fused to either SP2/0 or NS0 myeloma cells using the latest electro fusion technologies to generate hybridomas with high efficiency. Fused cells are screened and cloned simultaneously using a Clonepix 2 and selected clones can be screened in either 96 or 384 well formats.

Screening campaigns will be tailored individually to the client’s needs and will depend upon the desired properties of the antibody and the nature of the antigen. Antibodies can be selected for high affinity antigen binding and binding to epitopes that result in the desired biological activity. Abzena can utilise the client’s binding and activity assays or develop the necessary assays through our dedicated Assay Development team.

Deliverables & Timescales

  • A panel of antibodies aiming for high affinity and desired biological activity
  • 13– 20 weeks dependent on program chosen

Abzena’s Antibody Discovery programmes are tailored for each project to ensure that the objectives are met or exceeded. Experienced project teams are assigned to each study, focusing on progressing projects through to results in the minimum amount of time. Our aim is to deliver panels of antibodies with high therapeutic potential.

We can also perform antibody discovery through single B cell selection from immunised rabbits or phage display using naïve human or immune animal libraries.

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