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Hybridoma Sequencing

  • Sequencing for IgG and IgM monoclonal antibodies
  • Accurate sequencing using specific leader sequence primers

Authentic Sequencing

Abzena’s platform for hybridoma sequencing can determine the DNA and amino acid sequence of your antibody. Sequencing can be performed for IgG and IgM monoclonal antibodies produced by human, mouse and rat hybridoma cell lines.

Having a 100% accurate sequence is crucial, especially if your antibody sequence is to be used for downstream activities such as recombinant antibody production or antibody humanisation. Unlike some methods that can introduce mutations at the start of Framework 1, using primers specifically designed to bind in the leader sequence, Abzena can determine the authentic start to an antibody variable domain. This simple difference can be critical to determining the sequence of a fully functional antibody.. Determining the DNA and amino acid sequence of your preferred antibody can also form a key step to establishing patent protection for your asset.

On the extremely rare occasions where a DNA sequence cannot be obtained, as long as purified antibody is available, then peptide mapping using Mass Spec can be performed to identify the sequence of interest.

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