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Cell Line Development

At Abzena, we see Cell Line Development as more than the process of developing high yielding, robust RCBs. Our unique approach incorporates an upstream optimisation step within the CLD process, enabling accelerated downstream process development when linked to our GMP manufacturing facility in San Diego.

Accelerated GMP start using Abzena’s GMP manufacturing facility: saving 4-5 months

Abzena has over 10 years experience in Cell Line Development for customers and has completed over 50 projects, expressing biologics ranging from antibodies to fusion proteins. Multiple Abzena developed cell lines have progressed through to product manufacture and are currently being assessed in clinical trials.

Abzena’s offering includes:

  • Licence free, proprietary Composite CHO™ cell line
  • Animal component-free process with non-proprietary feeds & media
  • CLD performed with serum-free cell lines that are pre-adapted for suspension
  • Integral analytical/PQA & bioassay service
  • Specialist cell lines such as Sp2/0, NS0 & Per.C6
  • Modular approach to facilitate smaller customised projects

antibody3New Biological Entity Cell Line Development

Abzena has developed royalty-free technologies including Composite CHO™ and pANT™ vectors to maximise expression of recombinant proteins and antibodies. Multiple Composite CHO™ cell lines are being used to produce products used in clinical trials.  Read more >>>

antibody4Biosimilars Cell Line Development

Maintaining biosimilarity is critical for regulatory approval of biosimilar products and Abzena can help you achieve this by developing your biosimilar cell line using the originator cell type. Abzena has CHO, NS0 and Sp2/0 cell lines adapted to serum-free growth media available for development. Read more >>>

antibody3Host Cell Switching and Re-cloning

Abzena’s CLD technology can be used to switch host cell platform from older originator cell lines (e.g. NS0 and Sp2/0) to Composite CHO ™.  Read more >>>

antibody4Early Transfer to GMP Manufacturing

Abzena has extensive experience in cGMP and non-GMP production for recombinant proteins, antibodies, conjugates, gene therapy, and cell therapy products for preclinical and clinical materials. Abzena’s expertise in employing single-use technology allows for rapid turnaround times and cost-effective solutions.  Read more >>>

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