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Conjugation Technologies

There are a range of antibody drug conjugation technologies available with each having their own benefits, though no single option is optimal for every payload and antibody. Abzena offers access to a variety of conjugation technologies for evaluation.

antibody3Cysteine Conjugation

Cysteine conjugation following reduction of the interchain disulfides of antibodies is a widely used strategy for preparing ADCs. Abzena has extensive experience in the use of maleimides and other commonly used conjugation technologies for conjugation to cysteines. Abzena also offers CyPEG™, our proprietary technology for cysteine conjugation which results in a more stable conjugate than those produced using maleimide conjugation chemistry. Read more >>>

antibody4Lysine Conjugation

Lysine-based conjugation is one of the most widely used non-specific conjugation strategies. The side-chain amino groups of lysine residues are good nucleophiles and can be used as sites for drug conjugation. Abzena has extensive experience in producing ADCs using the lysine conjugation approach. Read more >>>

Other Approaches

Abzena can also offer a range of antibody modification methods for the development of ADCs. These include standard and novel chemical modifications, the incorporation of unnatural amino acids, enzymatic approaches such as transglutaminase-based methods and the inclusion of polyhistidine tags.

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