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Drug-conjugate and payload characterisation

Abzena provides you with a toolbox of biological assays to support your payload and drug conjugate development. All our assays have been established using clinical benchmarks and can be applied from lead identification, to lead characterisation and benchmarking.

antibody1Viability & Cytotoxicity Assays

Viability and cytotoxicity are the primary potency readouts for payloads and drug conjugates. Read more >>>

antibody1Fc Binding & Function Assays

Some ADCs maintain Fc-mediated functions, such as complement or immune cell-mediated lysis of antigen expressing cells. Toxicities observed have also been linked to binding of ADCs to healthy cells via their Fc domain, highlighting the relevance of such assays. Read more >>>

antibody1Pgp Assays

A Pgp assay is often the first approach when interrogating the susceptibility of a new payload to drug resistance.    Read more >>>

antibody1Tubulin Polymerisation Assays

A biochemical tubulin polymerisation assay has been set up to confirm the mode of action of free payloads interfering with tubulin polymerisation.  Read more >>>

antibody1Bystander Assays

The ability of a drug conjugate at not only targeting antigen-positive cells but also the neighbouring antigen-negative cells is called bystander effect.  Read more >>>

antibody1Internalisation and Trafficking Assays

The value of internalisation and intracellular trafficking assays has been established throughout the development of a drug conjugate, from selecting a suitable targeting moiety, to confirming compound uptake by cells.  Read more >>>

antibody1Mode of Actions Assays

Various assays can be used to investigate the effect of a payload or a drug conjugate on cells in more details. Cell cycle analysis and apoptosis assays have been established but assays specific to the mode of action of your compound can be developed.

antibody1Binding and Competition

Confirming that target binding is not altered by conjugation of a payload to a protein is essential. Read more >>>

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