Blog: The LabZient™ Analytical Platform: Q&A with Eric Miller

23rd April 2024

Author: Dr Eric Miller, Sr. Director and Scientific Project Leader for Analytical

Our LabZient™ Analytical Platform is a cutting-edge development in the biotech industry, specifically designed to address the unique needs of biopharmaceuticals. . With its innovative approach to the assessment and validation of large molecules, LabZient™ is transforming the landscape of data analysis for the biotech industry.

To delve deeper into the capabilities and impact of LabZient™ we spoke to Eric Miller, one of Abzena’s Senior Analytical Leaders. With his extensive experience in the field, Eric offers valuable insights into how this platform is streamlining and de-risking the pathway to Investigational New Drug (IND) applications and beyond.

Q: Eric, for our readers who are new to this, could you break down what the LabZient™ platform can accomplish? 

A: LabZient™ is our response to a crucial need in the biotech industry for faster, more efficient analytical development. Specifically, it accelerates the process of getting new drugs to market by streamlining the assessment and validation of large molecules, like antibodies, with a standardized, automated platform. This means less time spent on method qualification and more time spent on innovation. 

Q: How does LabZient™ add value for Abzena’s customers? 

A: LabZient™ greatly enhances our operational efficiency. It allows us to forego traditional, time-consuming analyses and instead, use predictive models and standardized methods to rapidly deliver high-quality data. This accelerates our entire development timeline, which is a substantial benefit to us and our customers.   

Q: From a customer’s perspective, what is the standout benefit of LabZient™? 

A: The key benefit for our customers is the ability to make faster, more informed decisions early in the drug development process. LabZient™’s automated prediction capabilities mean they can rapidly obtain critical data to validate their molecule’s viability or redirect resources as needed, drastically reducing the time to reach a value inflection point. 

Q: Who would benefit most from LabZient™, and who do you envision as the primary users? 

A: Small to mid-sized biotech firms can greatly benefit from utilizing our LabZient platform. These companies often operate with limited financial resources, so the ability to quickly obtain reliable data without extensive capital investment is a game-changer for them. However, it’s also important to note that LabZient™ can be used effectively by any organization working within the biologics domain. Its scalable nature and the efficiency it brings to the analytical process make it a versatile tool for a wide range of users, from startups to established pharmaceutical companies looking to streamline their analytical development and enhance their operational workflows. 

Q: Can you share how LabZient™ has been implemented in real-world scenarios? 

A: We’ve had multiple customers integrate LabZient™ into their development process. By analyzing historical data and methods, we’ve been able to help adapt and validate the platform methods for a range of different biologics, streamlining our customer’s path to clinical trials and, ultimately, to the market. 

Q: What developments are on the horizon for LabZient™? 

A: Looking ahead, we’re expanding LabZient™’s capabilities to include more complex molecules, like antibody-drug conjugates. These present unique challenges, but with our platform’s adaptability, we’re well-equipped to tackle them. 

Q: How exactly does LabZient™ function, particularly for those products that don’t align with your standards? 

A: The technology employs an in-silico similarity study to evaluate how closely a molecule matches our validated standards. If there’s a high degree of similarity, we apply a standardized approach. If not, we adapt our methods or develop new ones to ensure a perfect fit for the molecule’s unique profile.  

Q: With the industry’s rapid evolution, how does LabZient™ stay relevant and beneficial? 

A: The biotech industry is indeed evolving rapidly, and precision and efficiency are more critical than ever. LabZient™ is at the cutting edge, with a platform that’s not just keeping pace but setting the pace, anticipating the industry’s needs and exceeding them. 


About Abzena’s LabZient Platform

LabZient™ is more than just a platform; it’s a partnership that grows with your biotech ventures. As we continue to innovate and adapt, LabZient™ remains a vital tool for any biotech company looking to expedite their drug development process while maintaining the highest standards of data quality and analysis. 

For a deeper understanding of how LabZient™ can transform your analytical development, visit our LabZient™ landing page. There, you’ll find further details, technical specifications, and support resources to help you harness the full potential of this innovative platform. 

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