How can you help our biologics drug program launch to market?

Move forwards to commercialization faster with Abzena.

Speed-to-market is critical. However, it should never come at the expense of quality. Abzena have the know-how to accelerate and move your drug candidate forwards, getting you from proof-of-concept (POC) to commercialization, faster.

De-risking the pathway to commercialization

Abzena have the know-how and resources to meet your commercial needs. We collaborate with your team to de-risk the pathway to commercialization.

Through our technology transfer program and scale up model we can ensure a robust and consistent clinical to commercial manufacturing process. We ensure manufacturability, and will deliver a quality medicine to the patient.

Partner with us

We are committed to achieving quality excellence. We’re transparent in our communications and work collaboratively to progress your programs.

Our team collaborates with you and uses deep scientific and technical know-how to find the best solutions using the right technologies to deliver your program with a constant commitment to quality.

We adapt our approach, shorten the lead times, and develop risk mitigation strategies to ensure your overall success to get vital medicines to patients.