Scientific Poster: ThioBridge as a Tool for ADCs

10th May 2024

Access our recent poster from WADC London 2024 entitled: “ThioBridge® as a Tool for the Design,
Optimization & Manufacture of ADCs”


Our ThioBridge® conjugation technology makes use of naturally occurring interchain disulfide bonds of an antibody to generate antibody drug conjugates (ADCs).

ThioBridge offers several key features including homogeneity with high conversion to a single DAR species, stability as the linker does not
deconjugate or cross-conjugate and site-specificity due to conserved location of conjugation.


Access the poster here

Poster authors include Richard J. Spears*, Ruslan Grygorash, Johanna Midelet, Gavin Birch, Bebiana Sousa, Ben Sawyer, Joao Nunes, William McDowell, Fabio Rossi, Nicolas Camper*, Robert Holgate,
Campbell Bunce