12 March 2024

WADC London 2024

ExCel London

Attending WADC London 2024 on March 12-15?  Make sure to connect with Abzena’s drug development experts while you’re there at booth #38!

Our CTO, Dr Louise Duffy, Sr. Director of Bioconjugation Chemistry, Dr Nicolas Camper and Principal scientist, Dr Richard Spears will all be on hand at the event.  You can also connect with our business development team, Patrick Haddad, Gildas Lavenant, and Roger Bowie.

In addition to exhibiting, we will be presenting the following talks and posters:

Day 1 Presentation on the Discovery Stream: “ThioBridge® – a Tool for the Design, Optimization & Manufacture of ADCs,” Speaker: Principal Scientist, Dr Richard Spears

Key topics covered:

• Assessing the role of linker architecture as a key element of ADC design
• Discussion of ThioBridge® as a Next-Generation, site-specific conjugation technology for modulation of DAR and production of homogeneous ADCs
• Reviewing the use of ThioBridge® conjugation for generating ADCs with improved efficacy

Day 2 Presentation on the Manufacturing & Supply Chain Stream: “Strategies and Considerations for Successfully Scaling up Your ADC,” Speaker: CTO, Dr Louise Duffy

There is significant diversity in the design of an ADC, including the antibody, linkers, conjugation chemistries and drug, which makes the process for scaling up even more complex.  Being aware of the challenges from the outset can help to mitigate risk when it comes time to scale-up and manufacture an antibody-drug conjugate. From understanding the functionalization of the antibody, to the conjugation reaction and downstream purification and formulation, all these stages play a critical part in ensuring the downstream success and delivery of your ADC.  

Key topics covered:
-how the design of an ADC can impact process development and manufacturing requirements
-how to identify suitable cytotoxic payloads
-how to develop a successful purification process
-how to tech transfer in and scale an existing process
-case studies demonstrating how to successfully scale up an ADC


  • ThioBridge – A Tool for the Design, Optimisation & Manufacture of ADCs, presented by Dr Richard Spears
  • De-risking ADC Lead Candidate Selection through Developability Assessment, presented by Dr Nicolas Camper


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Event Details:

  • Dates: March 12-15
  • Location: ExCel London
  • Event Website: https://worldadc-europe.com/